Underground Syndicate



The exact beginnings of the Syndicate in its current form are unclear, but it was originally a large mafia gang in Central City, that more or less ruled the streets of downtown. Over time, it grew, absorbing other groups, but remained basically unchanged, except for the growing diversity in species.

Then one day, an elephant, named Solomon Mammuthus allowed his own, smaller crime ring to be subsumed by the much larger crime family… And within five years, with the death of the family's Don as a trusted associate, had been given control of the group. Almost immediately, he set to work… and the Syndicate disappeared. It's since begun working much more covertly, using its formative gangs to disperse blame for its activities. But its origins as a mafia family still hold strong, and Solomon, the Mammoth Mogul, controls it as its Don with an iron fist.


The Syndicate was originally just like any other crime ring, all its actions focused on getting money, and protecting its interests… and in fact, that has not really changed. But the Syndicate now has another goal, geared towards a final result.

Quite simply, to work it's way into a sort of "Shadow Government" status, controlling various government officials through funds… or force. The final, eventual goal, would be in fact, to place Mogul himself at the top. That's right. World domination… without being the obvious controlling force.


The Syndicate is a collective of smaller gangs, their leaders each answering to Mogul. These gangs may never work together in some cases, but all are loyal to the Syndicate. Each gang's symbol is a the Syndicate's standard symbol, with details added depending on the gang.


Relic Industries

Relic Industries is a computer electronics company that recently has begun branching out into other ventures, and is in fact, a rather successful company. In fact, very few electronics don't don't use as least SOME parts made by Relic.

Of course, the company is also a very effective front for the Syndicate, and is also ran by Solomon Mammuthus.

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