Something of a Jack-of-all-trades of nerd fandoms, Val has been a member of the roleplay group since the start of 2011 and now serves as a Moderator and member of the Approval team. An amateur fantasy writer in his own right and living encyclopaedia of lore from various series from Sonic and Mario to Kingdom Hearts and World of Warcraft, generally if you have a “What would happen if?” or “How can I do this?” question, Val will have an answer for you.

By his own admission Val is a stickler for the lore more than the other Moderators and tends to favour keeping as close to the original as possible in his own writing, often stressing himself over minor inconsistencies however in others he praises creativity and initiative when looking over semi-canon apps. “It doesn’t matter how different a character is from the original as long as their spirit is maintained.”
That said Val tends to be very abrasive, candid and has a bad habit of sticking his foot in his mouth. He usually means nothing by this but can often come across as arrogant in his own knowledge.

To the rest of the internet Val is better known as ChozoHunter and has tried his hand as Let’s Plays, gaming Livestreams, fanfiction and sprite animations and comics, all of which can be found on his DeviantArt and Youtube pages.

SegaStH Characters SatAMStH Characters

SegaStH Characters

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Robo Knuckles

YBQuM6w.png A half-brained bumbling Metallix creation of Dr. Eggman and self proclaimed brother to Metal Sonic. Robo Knuckles or RK is an energetic childlike robot who seems lost in his own world most of the time, usually innocent but devastating should he become angry.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Sq53sVO.png The Ultimate Lifeform and eternal rival to the Blue Blur. Shadow is the stoic, to the point, elite agent that anyone would want on their side and fear being on the wrong side of. The self imposed protector of the Space Colony Ark and a master of Chaos Energy, Shadow is not without his more vulnerable side. Though thus far the only one allowed to see it has been his Chao, Sombra.

Dr. Zavodnoy Fukurokov

lC7qDEV.png Head scientist and machinist of the Battle Bird Armada and right hand to its leader, the Grand Battle Kukku XV. Zavodnoy is a cold, ruthless and calculating psychopath who will do whatever he has to, to see birds as the supreme and sole ruler of the skies. He hates all mammalian Thropes but most of all, Miles "Tails" Prower.

Infinite the Jackal

OYkMZNi.png Once an infamous mercenary and head of the feared Jackal Squad, Finn Tabaqui finally found his true life goal the day he met Dr. Finitevus and was offered a very simple choice; serve the Dark Legion willingly or become a test subject. Now calling himself Infinite he has become one of the Legion’s chief enforcers and most loyal followers.

Milo the Coyote

9x2bs0b.png Milo is incredibly shy, sweet and compassionate. It’s a wonder then that he serves the Eggman Empire willingly and idolizes the Doctor himself. His greatest skill to the Empire is his exceptional marksmanship, especially with a sniper rifle but beyond that he’s mostly a quiet, caring boy who would offer the shirt off his back if someone needed it.

Shivaree the Bandicoot

iXKgM2M.png Yet another member of the Dark Legion, Shiv is a malicious anarchist who takes great joy in destroying property and harming others. She lost her hands years ago to the mafia and Dr. Finitevus was “kind” enough to replace them with robotic hands with built in Sonic Emitters.

Valor the Raccoon

622MldS.png A smart-mouthed musician with seemingly no filter on speaking his mind. Val is a native of the Sol/Terra dimension and despises the stigma against Indoles and due to his ignorance of Gaia, actually believes Dr. Eggman to be in the right.

Coal Corvus

7N9qFpJ.png Owner and head bartender of the Nightclub Nevermore. Coal is secretly a jittery, anxiety riddled wreck as his club plays host to all manner of dangerous underworld VIPs yet he will always maintain a calm, cool, confident demeanour on the surface. Always with a witty quip and a plan B, Coal wants everyone to believe he is perfectly in control of any situation.

SatAMStH Characters

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