Vanilla The Rabbit (Sega)

"Be Careful, Dear!"


Name: Vanilla the Rabbit
Nicknames: 'Nils
Species: Rabbt (Domestic Lop-eared)
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Alignment: Hero
Type: Balance
Height: Tall
Build: Average
Residence: A small estate in between Leaf Storm & Night Carnival.
Occupation: Hotel attendant
Likes: Cooking, Cleaning, Knitting, Watching TV and Spending time with Cream, Cheese and Chocola.
Dislikes: Dr Eggman, Being Separated from Cream for large amounts of time and A Dirty House.
Hobbies/Talents:Has good cooking, decorating, and all around at home-care skills. She often sits by the fire and knits.
Played By: N/A (Previously Xeric)
Theme: "Me and Emily" ~ Rachel Proctor
"Umbrella" - Rihanna featuring Jay-Z (Alternative)


Vanilla is a Kind, caring and trusting Rabbit. You could say she is the Sonic Universe version of Mary Poppins. Always Cooking, Cleaning and looking after her family. She can often get worried about Cream and Cheese, as they often run off on Adventures without letting her know.



Being a Rabbit, she has the natural ability to jump rather high. She is also naturally quite fast on her feet. Although, she doesn't show these abilities very often.


Vanilla loves to cook for her family and friends. She sometimes shows Cream how to bake cookies etc. She spends a lot of her time cleaning their cottage. Even if their isn't anything to clean, she'll find something. She also loves to knit clothes for Cream and Cheese. She's a very good thinker. She tends to spend time thinking about doing something before taking action.


She'd probably give any emeralds she found to Cream.



Vanilla isn't an Ideal Fighter, probably sue to her rather large dress ans solitary life.


She's too nice, could be tricked into doing something. She also quite Sensitive.

Pre-RP History

Vanilla and Cream met Sonic during the events of Sonic Advance 2. Eggman had kidnapped them both and kept them hostage. Sonic eventually managed to rescue them both and Vanilla has been grateful ever since.

Her next encounter with Sonic and his friends was during the events of Sonic Rush. Cream brought Blaze home for Tea. She suggested Blaze should talk to Sonic about help finding the Sol Emeralds. Sonic and then later showed up at their cottage looking for Cream. Vanilla pointed them both in the right direction.

Since then, Vanilla has been enjoying her life. Life had been so much easier since Gemerl had cam to live with them. Whilst she was out earning money, Gemerl would look after Cream, Cheese and Chocola and do any jobs around the house that needed doing.

Post-RP History

Nothing currently.

Crossover History

Vanilla was relaxing on Emerald Coast with Chocola when Chocola decided to glomp Bunnie the Rabbot. Vanilla assisted in removing the affectionate chao and offered her assistance to Bunnie and Dashiel if they ever needed it.


Cream the Rabbit Her loving Daughter.
Cheese & Chocola Cream's Chao.
Gemerl Helps out around the home. Cream's protector.
Sonic the Hedgehog Saved her from Dr. Eggman's clutches.
Dr. Eggman Kidnapper and general annoyance to Cream & friends.

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