Vector the Crocodile (SatAM)

"The computer room is down the hall, my boy. What kind of silly questions do you ask?"


Name: Victor Kendal Verges, Jr.
Nicknames: Vector, Vec
Species: Nile crocodile
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Alignment: Lawful good (for the old set of laws, that is)
Stats: Physical: 10 | Mental: 8 | Luck: 3
Height: 6' (standing); 9' (lengthwise)
Build: Bulky
Residence: San Grandia/Area 27
Occupation: Former detective, now just helps around the base doing odd jobs
Likes: Food- especially meat (he's got a huge appetite), basking in his favorite recliner (which he's moved into the hydroponics bay for just that reason), reading his novels, solving any 'mysteries that may be around (even if it's something as simple as "The Mystery of Who Ate The Last Ration"), song and dance (though he's bad at both), listening to music (mostly Opera and Jazz), swimming, the colour green, puzzles of all sorts
Dislikes: Crime- especially that which involves innocents being harmed, asparagus and brusselsprouts, the cold, fatigue (makes him feel useless), puzzles he can't figure out, seeing someone cry, pollution (especially polluted water ways), most machines (thanks to Robotnik), the fact that his huge size means that most things aimed towards normal mobian proportions are too small for him.
Hobbies/Talents: Despite that he's basically tone deaf, Vector likes to sing on occasion. He's also a big fan of detective novels or any type of literature that makes him think. Word puzzles and crosswords are also a huge favorite of his. Sometimes prone to making up elaborate stories about mundane objects, usually after reading one of his novels, involving deceit, murder, and intrigue. Probably just because he's bored.
Played By: Gatorman
Theme: Genesis, "Who Dunnit?"


Vector seems to have two 'modes' when it comes to his personality. His gruff, assertive 'professional' mode, and his talkative, wisecracking 'casual' mode. When in his more professional mindset he comes off as extremely business-oriented, incredibly determined in whatever his current 'case' is, looking for any possible angle to persue. Of course, when he's in this mode, he's often very assertive, sometimes coming off as aggressive which can be frightening to some. But, once in casual mode, he becomes much more laid back and easy to talk to, often cracking jokes with his rather unique, offbeat sense of humor. In either mode, he's generally friendly, liking to keep everyone happy and enjoying nothing more then seeing a smile. Especially from a pretty girl…



Being a crocodile, Vector's biggest physical talent is his swimming abilities. Able to swim extremely well, and hold his breath for long, long periods of time, he's fantastically suited for the water, able to out swim any of his more land based companions. Other natural crocodilian traits Vector has is amazing bite strength, he can probably dent most types of metal with just his jaws, though he wouldn't enjoy the taste of it or the feel of it in his mouth. His thick scaly tail can also hurt pretty badly if he slams you with it. He is able to get short bursts of surprising speed as well, and can also go a long time without eating if he needs to, though he has a huge appetite.


Having been a private investigator, Vector has good deductive skills (when he actually uses them), and is pretty good at being sneaky despite his enormous size (and also pretty good at suddenly just jumping up out of nowhere, in crocodilian fashion, usually accompanied by snapping of teeth). Generally very good at thinking on his feet, he can often times figure out novel solutions to problems. Fairly good at weaseling information out of people too. Vector owns a hovercar, and is a very skilled, careful driver. For specifications on the car, see under "Anything Else?". Vector is also very computer-literate, and usually spends his time in front of one whenever he wants to unwind, or assist his fellow Freedom Fighters. He has the ability to hack into other computer systems in one second flat and play "Tetris" to stall for time.



Despite that he can swim extremely quickly, and summon up bursts of speed on land, his stamina isn't exceptional and his huge bulk will wear him down after a few minutes (longer for swimming, as he's adapted to that). Because he tires out quickly, he spends a lot of time just sitting around basking, especially under the sun lamps of the hydroponics bay. And, being a reptile, colder temperatures don't agree with him, causing him to become sluggish and tired, though it may take awhile for the cold to penetrate his thick hide. The drawback about that is it takes heat a long time to penetrate his hide as well. Another crocodilian weakness is that although he has an amazing bite, is that the muscles to -open- his jaws are much, much weaker. One could probably hold his mouth shut with their bare hands. Maybe just to get him to shut up.


Mentally, despite that he was a Private Investigator, he can be a bit scatter brained. And, sometimes, he may jump to the wrong conclusion and chase after a falsehood with the same persistence as a bloodhound on a trail.

Pre-RP History

Growing up in one of the rougher areas of San Grandia (not to be confused with the fluffy areas), Vector saw how cruel and desperate people could be first hand. However, unlike many, this did not crush his spirit or hope in humanity (or mobianity, as it were), nor did he fall in with the rest in crime, as, instead, he sought to fix it all. Having read far too many detective novels from day one, he decided very early on what he'd do with his life, and put all his resources towards that.

The day he became a P.I. was one of the greatest of his life- until he realized that all he his jobs had little to do with what he really wanted to do. Instead of solving murders, he was checking up on insurance claims, instead of scoping out the 'who done it' at the bank, he was watching for unfaithful spouses. Not nearly the existence he'd been hoping for.

Still, he remained optimistic.

But then Robotnik's shadow overtook San Grandia, and life was turned upside down.

Managing to escape, he now resides at Area 27 with other refugees, though he feels fairly useless… if there were something he could do…

Post-RP History

Crossover History


Tekno the Canary Leader of the San Grandia Freedom Fighters and close friend.

Misc. Info

Like other crocodiles, Vector falls asleep whenever somebody rolls him over and rubs his belly.

Vector's surname, Verges, came from the Shakespearean play Much Ado About Nothing. Verges was partner to Dogberry, a grand constable in charge of the night watch. "Verges" is also similar to verde, the Spanish word for the color green.

His hovercar seats up to four people and has a maximum speed of 125 mph. The car has a global positioning system, projected onto the windshield.


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