Venice Corona (SatAM)

"Oh. OH! Oh cripes, I didn't mean anything like that! I just thought that — what I mean to say is — I — well — you…"


Name: Venice Corona
Nicknames: Ven, Venni, Vinny, various pet names
Species: "Hedgemink" - Hybrid of African pygmy hedgehog (father's side) and American mink (mother's side)
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Alignment: Neutral Good
Stats: Physical: 6 | Mental: 11 | Luck: 4
Height: 3'3''
Build: Average
Residence: Eden
Occupation: Pampered pet
Likes: His hobbies/talents, seafood, swimming, long baths, water in general, peace, freedom, entertaining others, helping people, theater, improv, the color cyan, cheese, ice cream, girls, nighttime, hanging out, being read to or told stories in general.
Dislikes: Dry hot places, seeing other thropes being abused by their masters, bad acting, being out of loop, bland or acidic foods, getting himself dirty, waiting, boredom, cold temperatures, being disturbed when resting, artist's block.
Hobbies/Talents: VERY artistically inclined. He loves theater, loves acting, loves dancing, and is very good at it. Can't sing a damn note though, but that doesn't stop him from trying. He's also into various arts and crafts, everything from painting, to sculpting, weaving… Besides all of that he also spends much of his time near water and loves swimming. As a hobby he's tried to self-educate himself, but he really hasn't acquired enough knowledge for it to be useful toward anything.
Played By: Jammerlee
Theme: n/a, suggestions are welcome


Venice really isn't a complicated person to figure out. A young and idealistic dreamer, he's an optimistic and altruistic free spirit with a lot of integrity and well defined morals. A loyal and honest, though also painfully naive person, he can be a force to be reckoned with if the wrong person manages to manipulate him. Naturally generous but also gullible, he often feels a need to shoulder responsibilities that don't belong to him, which can easily lead him to be tricked and taken advantage of - much to the chagrin of his owner, Silvia. And with a tendency to be singleminded and stubborn, this can mean turning him back on the right path can be difficult if he believes he's doing the right thing.

Typically, though, he's a fairly laid back and sensitive person. While somewhat of an awkward kid, he's very social, playful and enjoys meeting new people. Very ambitious and creative, he spends a lot of his time inside his own mind, creating his own worlds and scanarios, which can often blind-side him when the truths of reality sneak up. Having been pampered from a very young age as a pet, Venice has virtually no street smarts or knowledge of life for the lower classes, making him very fascinated by such and quick to defend those below him in the belief of equal respect. He loves stories and to be read to, and especially enjoys hearing tales of the "feral world" and what life is like for the thropes who don't live in the comforts of society.

Venice has a tendency to be impulsive, often acting without fully thinking through the consequences of his actions. He gets frustrated easily when faced with a tough choice or situation, and berates himself fiercely if he thinks he's done something wrong or stupid. All in all he's still just a kid and as such has a tendency to be a bit on the immature side. Somewhat cocky, he enjoys showing off his abilities through the entertainment of others, and will get slightly miffed if someone manages to show him up. He becomes extremely insecure if he feels alone or abandoned, and often requires the company of others to keep him content.



Taking more after his mink side, Venice is naturally a very skilled swimmer with partially webbed hands and feet, and has quills mixed into the two long spikes of fur on the back of his head. Thanks to his mixed blood his sense of smell, hearing and vision are especially excellent. He's also naturally quite agile and extremely flexible, able to squeeze through pretty much any opening he can get his head through, and though naturally good at digging and climbing, he rarely does either.

Venice is an indole whom, for as long as he's been able to remember, has been able to use telekinesis. Despite his status as a "pet" he's surprisingly well trained and very skilled, being used to preforming amusing tricks for his master and company. When he uses it anything being manipulated begins to glow with a cyan aura. On top of his natural talents they're amplified by a collar inlaid with actual power stone given to him by his master, Silvia.


He's pretty good at acting and consequently being able to lie while holding a straight face. Has picked up sleight of hand and knowledge of theatrical effects from his work around the theater. He has a rudimentary enough knowledge of simple electronics to use them. Also general refinements with his telekinesis… he's a great shot if throwing something for example.



Thanks to his hedgehog heritage, cold temperatures slow him down and cause him to become lethargic the longer he's exposed. Because he tends to rely on his telekinesis he's physically on the weak side due to lack of adequate exercise and has slow reflexes.


TIN FOIL. Very gullible and naive. He's prone to tunnel vision, has a tendency to be impulsive, and can be taken advantage of with his inherent altruism. He has a fear of being alone or abandoned and becomes insecure when on his own too long. Tendency to be self-conscious about maintaining his appearance and doesn't like to get dirty. He's also very uneducated and illiterate, though seeing as this is common to Edonian thropes this only really matters outside of Eden. He also tends to rely a little too heavily on his telekinesis where he could do something physically.

Despite the strength of his telekinesis, it takes a lot out of him, causing him both physical and mental fatigue if overly abused. The more frequently he uses it, and/or the larger and heavier the object, the harder it is to maintain control and the more it strains him. There are also limits to what he can manipulate as well. It has to be something physically graspable; he can't, for example, manipulate air or water. Taking his collar, while not disabling his abilities, will at least weaken them.

Pre-RP History

You would think that for such a rare and gifted individual that he would have an equally extraordinary life behind him… but he doesn't. Like the majority of Edonian thropes, Venice was born a hybrid, both of his parents being purebreds of their respective species. Being a hybrid, and not having a uniquely colored pelt, he probably would have been fated to the life of an average servant were it not for one rare and unique trait he happened to inherit - his telekinesis. Thanks to this, at the age of four, he was bought by his master Silvia and has lived the lavishly comfortable life of a pet ever since. Since being adopted, Venice often spends much of his time at Silvia's theater, The Grandeur, helping out backstage with things such as special effects.

Post-RP History

Crossover History


Silvia Corona Venice's owner; the rich and snooty owner of Eden's most prestigious theater, the Grandeur. Venice is pretty much the only person she ever shows any affection toward.

Misc. Info

Sometimes he's been known to use his telekinesis in his sleep~ Which sounds amusing, but when you're never quite sure what condition your room will be in when you wake up this can be quite annoying. He once even managed to dump himself out a window in the middle of the night and broke both his arm and a couple of ribs.

When bored and/or restless, he tends to, subconsciously, begin to telekinetically juggle small objects around him.

Like most Edonian thropes, he was never properly taught how to control his natural instincts growing up, and in fact has been encouraged to behave more animalistic as it is considered more "cute" by humans. Ironically, this causes him to display what most in the "feral world" would consider Feral Syndrome.

Because he could just as easily use a mental roll in place of a physical roll, should the circumstances come up, Venice will use an extra 2-sided die to decide which stat he uses. 1 = physical, 2 = mental.

Based off of Silver the Hedgehog.


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