Wave The Swallow (Sega)


"You S-U-C-K SUCK!"


Name: Wave the Swallow.
Nicknames: None at the moment.
Species: Swallow.
Gender: Female.
Age: 15.
Alignment: Neutral.
Type: Intelligence.
Height: 3' 7"
Build: Lean and long-legged.
Residence: Babylon Rogues’ flying ship, the Babylon Airship.
Occupation: Treasure thief and the Babylon Rogues' mechanic.
Likes: Technology, sports, making Storm feel stupid, treasure.
Dislikes: Jet not being leader-like, people who criticize her Extreme Gear, fighting against the odds
Hobbies/Talents: Tinkering with her gear, reading sports magazines, making people feel stupid, inventing mechanisms.
Played By: Topaz Mutiny, and one of the few characters that she didn't adopt!
Theme: "One Girl Revolution" by Superchick


Even though she’s a swallow, Wave sure is cocky. A spunky teen whose witty remarks can leave a mark for days at a time. Bossy, loud-mouthed, but also cunning and sneaky. She is loyal to her friends however, and is honest to them.



Able to fly, very agile.


Mechanic specializing in extreme gear, sabotage expert, able to decode cryptic notes, read ancient languages.


None. Probably sell it for money.



Not very strong.


Sometimes over-estimates her own abilities.

Pre-RP History

Wave has been with Jet and Storm for as long as she can remember. They were a part of the legendary band called the Babylon Rogues, a group taught to pillage, steal, and con people of their pricey jewelry and gems. At a young age, she began to study the mechanics of making and fine tuning extreme gear while learning how to ride one herself. She soon proved her worth with her mechanical expertise. Her cunning personality, flight capabilities, and extreme gear knowledge led her to become one of the best Babylon Rogues around. She’s disappointed at not becoming the new Legendary Wind Master when Jet’s father retired, but she helps him in every way she can. When Jet and Storm begin to annoy her though, she’ll lay the smack-down of reality upon them. As of now, little is known about their past and their ancestors.

Post-RP History

Wave yelled at Jet, investigated a tapping noise and found a little black thing. She gets freaked out by it as it sinks into the ship, and goes to tell Jet, who has found another black spot. It appears inside the ship, turning into a little black creature, and Wave attacks it. It hides behind Jet and he gets spooked and leaps toward Wave who catches him and goes WTF. And then Storm enters and sees her holding Jet and goes WTF.

After Storm leaves, Wave and Jet get into a heated argument, which led to blows. Wave smashed Jet on the side of the head with her wrench, rendering him unconscious and with a large welt on his head. Wave breaks down and panics, and Storm comes to her aid. She sends Storm out to capture Loki, and he does so successfully. Wave argues with Loki about what has happened, until Loki points out that the ship was going to crash (ironically) into a hospital. Wave crashes through the windshield, unconscious, and wakes up thanks to the sprinkler system. Loki finds her along with Shine the Lark, and with their help they managed to unearth Storm and Jet from the rubble. They head for the fire exit and meet up with Fang the Sniper.

Crossover History

Wow, I totally didn't write this down before.


Jet the Hawk Wave's leader, though she sure doesn't act like he is. Makes her frustrated.
Storm the Albatross Moronic fellow theif. Joke fodder. Fun as a verbal punching bag and easy to make fun of.
Loki the Liger Liger girl that can make freaky shadow-thingies. Wave doesn't like her and finds her annoying.

Misc. Info

Wave’s in the Guinness Book of World Records for the best environmentally safe combustion engine vehicle, AKA her extreme gear boards.

"Get out of there you dirty stupid sticky son of a whatchamagig!"
"You think you can win with that board?"



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