Whisper The Wolf (Sega)

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Name: Whisper the Wolf
Nicknames: None
Species: Arctic Wolf
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Height: 3'7"
Residence: Wanderer
World of Origin Gaia
Occupation: Wandering hero who defends villages and towns from any Villain-related trouble. Technically a member of GUN.
Likes: - Fresh snow, solitude, playing with children, camping, receiving letters, simplistic poetry
Dislikes: - Making her bed, vegetables, Eggman, loud places, Shadow, bright lights
Played By: Wren
Theme: Ghost - Mystery Skulls


Quiet to a T, Whisper is soft spoken and short spoken. Often answering in one-word responses, she tends to let her actions do the talking. A true lone wolf, she doesn't stay in one place or lets herself get attached to others for very long. She's reclusive and acts as though she's dealing with fairly heavy trauma. She loathes the Eggman empire for reasons she won't disclose to the average person, but those close to her will know. Other people get on her temper as well, and being told 'no' when she's in the middle of her own personal justice often has her lashing out then retreating. She's mistrusting of people who don't seem to pick a side and stay with it. However, she doesn't start fights, she only finishes them when Badniks arrive. This often leads to her having standoffish relationships with others. She is wise beyond her years, but doesn't have much to say about it. She's pretty good at dispensing advice when someone needs it though, albeit very to the point.


- Endures low temperatures easily
- Great at stealth
- Kind to those in need, without wanting anything for a reward.
- Has a collection of chaos drives beneath her cloak to power her Wispon-like weapon. The Chaos Driver is able to take several forms. Using the umbrella form, she can float. Using the sniper rifle form, she can snipe. There’s also a hammer form for blunt smashing ( A very literal hammer, not like Amy’s ). It also has several different little powers according to each color, though not all have been used yet in the comment continuity. One is insinuated to be a lock pick.
- Very combat handy, has been known to turn the tides of battle when hope seems lost.


- Mistrusting of people who are neutral and of course, evil.
- Forgets to eat often (as a parallel to real arctic wolves, who have difficult hunting seasons)
- Forgoes sleep and basic needs for the sake of fighting
- Very difficult to bond with, tries to keep people at a distance, because she's always throwing herself in the heart of battle.

Emerald Abilities

Powers her wispon-like weapon up to an insane degree if she has one chaos emerald. Otherwise, no effect on herself. The Wispon weapon should probably be called a Chaos Driver.

Pre-RP History

Born into a poor family, at age 12, her parents were workers on Prison Island. When that was blown to pieces as a result of Shadow the Hedgehog's involvement, she lost both of them. The fresh pain of losing her parents motivated her to get strong, and she was eventually taken in by Dusty. Learning how to fight was her top priority, and she begged to be trained so one day, she could protect others who got into the same trouble she did. Once she got strong enough, she was eventually given her weapon, the Chaos Driver, from GUN. Though a valuable asset to GUN, she frequently disappoints them with her vagrancy and often going off orders to protect towns. However, she always reports in enough so that they don't resort to firing her.

Due to frequently showing up at the last minute to change the tides, she's earned the nickname of "Guardian Angel". She tries to repair her damaged past by showing up at cities under attack and saving those who remind her of herself. In this sense, she's somewhat selfish and selfless in the same breath.

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Dusty Basically a second father. Has raised her though her teenage years and she really loves and cares about him.
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