Wolf's Refuge

The Wolf's Refuge is a series of ancestral caves hidden in the canyons of the Great Unknown. It's here were a once thriving tribe of native american-esque wolves, known as the Meicoh, lived until Dr. Robotnik attacked and captured a great majority of its members.

The interior of the refuge is carved out from the rocks to have elaborately designed patterns in them. The inhabitants are peaceful and believe in relying on mother nature to provide for them - or at least did until Robotnik began making that too difficult. With the air and soil slowly being poisoned, they have begun to fight back to reclaim their territory and restore the order of nature.

For a long time electricity here was non-existent, the Meicoh living and relying mostly on the primitive means their tribe had lived by for centuries. However, due to Robotnik's influence and through necessity, technology has been introduced and horded to use in the fight against him.

Freedom Fighters Residents
  • None
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