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SegaStH Characters

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Mighty the Armadillo

gslhKT1.png Mighty's the most carefree guy you could meet, although, he can be pretty hard on himself sometimes. His dream is to travel the world, meet loads of new people and experience as many different things as possible. An Eco-warrior of sorts, Mighty'll surely be their to protect the environment.

Cosmo the Plant

KIW0dEM.png Cosmo is a kind and gentle character. She currently owns Cosmo's Flower Emporium in Station Square. She suffers from low Self-esteem, calling herself "unworthy" if something goes wrong.

Marine the Raccoon

YSJJV4e.png Marine is a resident of the SOL Dimension with a very special secret. People around her can find her quite annoying at times, especially when she never shuts up. One day, she hopes to sail the seven seas as the captain of her very own vessel.

Chase the Fossa


Grand Battle Kukku XV

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Tekno the Canary


Honey the Cat


SatAMStH Characters

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Mighty Armadillo

FmuSLIQ.png Mighty is a very kind and gentle guy. Although, people tend to judge him on appearance. He loves to listen to other people's problems and hopefully help them out. He detests violence of all kinds, but would do anything to protect his friends. Currently, Mighty's main priority is to find out what happened to his little sister.

Bean Dynamite

v5dHAOI.png Bean is a nice person by nature, but he often does things that make people think he's not sane. He is sane, but is willing to loosen his grip on his sanity for a good laugh. In fact, he'll do most anything for a good laugh, succeeding in annoying everyone around him (while amusing a rare few). The only thing he's serious about is his explosives, as he knows how important they are in helping the freedom fighters, and how dangerous they can be in the wrong hands or if they're used improperly. Although, he can be quite gullible as pointed out above. He tends to get really uncomfortable in unfamiliar places, this makes he quite nervous and sometimes scared

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