Also known as Xer, Chase or Jase is a spriter, comic maker, RP'er and a general annoyance. He's well known for his vast collection of 'I CAME' images.

He's absolutely obsessed with Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel.

SegaStH Characters SatAMStH Characters

SegaStH Characters

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Mighty the Armadillo

iplaymighty.png Mighty's the most carefree guy you could meet, although, he can be pretty hard on himself sometimes. His dream is to travel the world, meet loads of new people and experience as many different things as possible. An Eco-warrior of sorts, Mighty'll surely be their to protect the environment.

Big the Cat

iplaybig-1.png Big's just a simpleton. His morals are basic and his social repertoire is based around nothing but very generic common sense. Big's worse nightmare is a life full of hassles and one that moves at a fast pace. His routine consists of no more than fishing with his best buddy Froggy (an actual animal frog) and sleeping at his hut in the jungle. All in all, he's a giant sweetheart.


iplayfroggy.png Froggy is Big's bestest buddy. Although he isn't as carefree and laid back as Big; as his usual trips to city show, he love spending time with Big.

Cosmo the Plant

iplaycosmo-1.png Cosmo is a kind and gentle character. She currently owns Cosmo's Flower Emporium in Station Square. She suffers from low Self-esteem, calling herself "unworthy" if something goes wrong.

Marine the Raccoon

iplaymarine.png Marine is a resident of the SOL Dimension with a very special secret. People around her can find her quite annoying at times, especially when she never shuts up. One day, she hopes to sail the seven seas as the captain of her very own vessel.

Chase the Dog

iplaychase-1.png Chase is but a simple dog, accidentally transported to the Chaos Dimension from the Sol Dimension. He's a very open guy who loves making new friends, but can become cold or or feel outcasted if he's ignored.

Vanilla the Rabbit

iplayvanilla.png Vanilla is a kind, caring and trusting Rabbit. You could say she is the Sonic Universe version of Mary Poppins. Always cooking, cleaning and looking after her family. She often gets worried about Cream the Rabbit and Cheese the Chao, as they often run off on adventures without letting her know.

Chocola the Chao

iplaychocola.png Chocola is Cheese the Chao's loving sister. Her affection towards others often gets her into trouble.

SatAMStH Characters


Mighty the Armadillo

iplaysatammighty.png Mighty is a very kind and gentle guy. Although, people tend to judge him on appearance. He loves to listen to other people's problems and hopefully help them out. He detests violence of all kinds, but would do anything to protect his friends. Currently, Mighty's main priority is to find out what happened to his little sister.

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